We jewelry artisans take inspiration from nature, paintings and all sorts of things. Other designers also take inspiration from jewelry. This is one.

Designed by Studio Weave the reclaimed hardwood bench stretches for over 324 meters (1063 feet) - that's space for 300 people to sit on. It is located on the beach near Littlehampton in England.

The bench winds along the promenade, bending around structures like bins and lampposts and integrates two large roller-coaster-like shelters called Shelter Charms. Another "charm" is the East Beach Cafe. The bench connects them all like the chain of a charm bracelet with the option to add more charms with time.

It's billed as the longest in the world but there are other worthier challengers in cities like Moscow, Geneva and Barcelona. The Guinness Book of Records states that the longest bench is 613.13 meters established on 27 August 2005 at a stadium in Szlachta, Poland. So the plan is to double this English bench to 621 meters (2037 feet) and really make it the record breaker.

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