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This is going to date me for sure. But I do remember the clips available back in the 80`s which were worn at the back to make shirts and blouses more fitted. Well. Carmi`s Art Life World`s Sweater Jewelry idea revamps these clips with beautiful buttons and odd findings. Just the ticket to keep a shrug or cardigan snug!

She used her own stash but you could easily use bits and pieces from unwanted or broken jewelry. I don't know if you can get those clips anymore but two brooches on either side will work too.

Can't find those clips? Carly over at Chic Steals has a super easy jeweled cardigan clip tutorial based on shoe clips. As she says, the sky is the limit with the materials you use. Old brooches, buttons, left over chain, lace and trim are a few ideas. Carly's tutorial appeared in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Style Sample Magazine!  Way to go Carly!

Craft Bits has just got the solution for the frequent lost earring problem or a pendant from an unwanted necklace. Their Kasbah style bracelet makeover project is very simple. You do need a bracelet blank of some sort - either the kind from or a plastic one.

The example shown here is a ring like chandelier earring finding. The gemstone chips are attached with glue. Yet another great idea to use up the last few gemstone chips you might have.

Swoodson Says has a very encouraging tutorial on how to turn thrift store finds into statement necklaces.  It's a good way to recycle some of your older jewelry you don't like to wear anymore to something you would put on. She really does have an eye for vintage and upcycling possibilities as you can see from her Etsy shoeclips store .

Divya, who is from India, wrote in her blog about how she transformed an old traditional Tamil hair comb belonging to her grandmother into a splendid pendant!

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  1. Lovely ideas Pearl - always nice to be "green".

  2. Hey Pearl....thanks for featuring my post :)

  3. My pleasure! Thank YOU for the inspiration! It was a great post you wrote.

  4. I wore those sweater clips in the 1950's! Please don't tell me that their coming back in style. Of course my mother was always "borrowing" it..Oh dear.

  5. Oh yes, like a lot of yesteryear styles, they are coming back. Vintage inspirations are definitely a trend - see my past post for more info -

  6. Sweater clips are so cool, I'd never seen/heard of them until very recently! I'm intrigued. Thanks for sharing my necklace, I'm flattered!! Stephanie

  7. These people are all way more creative than I am!!


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