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Awesome Jewelry from Recycled Christmas Lights Tutorial

It's Christmas Eve!! A very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year ahead to all my readers! If you do celebrate Christmas, your tree is probably all decorated and lit by now. We've switched to energy-saving LED lights in my household but I regret not keeping the old lights. I wish I'd kept them because Tiffany Threadgould had a far better idea than chucking them into landfill sites!

Her awesome upcycled broken Christmas light tutorial shows how to easily convert these into jewelry. Aren't those earrings fun?

Check out last week's post on 2010 Bejeweled Christmas Trees  Around the World for some humongous inspirations!

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  1. Cute necklace and earrings, very festive! I love the lights on the Christmas tree...we've switched to LED as well, the white ones though as I find the others look yellow.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours Pearl...

  2. Oh shoot, I just hopped to this post and it's well past the yuletide season. Fortunately we haven't converted to LED lights yet and have a large plastic bin full of old strings of tiny Christmas lights. I look forward to giving this technique a try (next Christmas 2011) as it looks much less involved than Martha's "Lump of Coal" gift boxes. lol

  3. The jewelry will be a blast to wear and be conversation pieces! Pearl


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