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World's Most Expensive Swarovski Vacuum Cleaners

Most women will agree that vacuum cleaners are pretty much at rock bottom on the list of potential gifts for Christmas. Covering them with Swarovski crystals isn't going to improve matters either. But hey, maybe there is someone out there who wants one for all I know.

Shown here is the Electrolux Crystal Ergoripado designed by Polish concept and fashion designer, Lukasz Jemiol blinged all over with 3730 crystals from Swarovski's CRYSTALLIZED™ Elements collection.

How much does the world's most expensive vacuum cleaner cost? €15,000 or US$19,325.You could buy a lot of Swarovski crystals for that!

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  1. Can you imagine...what next??? All those crystals wouldn't make any difference to me...vacuuming would still be on my dislike list! :0)

  2. Silly, just plain silly. As a HUGE fan of Swarovski it is such a wast of luscious crystal!

  3. I think I will just stick with my faithful Dyson plastic fantastic. I can wear the bling while I vacum - never mind pushing the bling around ::lol

  4. Somehow I just can't imagine sucking up dog hair with that!

  5. Well said, Bobbie. Most if not all of us would rather wear the bling!

  6. I hate vacuuming. I'm guessing bling wouldn't make me like it any better!


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