Cool Bracelet Ideas
Part 1 of 2
I rather liked the Swarovski-crystals-in-a-vase idea I wrote about before. Using your beads in a home decor project is yet another way to use up your beads!

Michelle who writes the Mich L in La blog has a wonderful  idea she called Vase Jewels . Her "decorate with a little flare" idea dresses up otherwise boring glass vases.

She actually used disassembled dollar store necklaces hung on ornament hangers around the vase. But bracelets would work too. Check out her post to see what else she used as vase ornaments!

It also occurred to me that her idea of hanging short beaded lengths translates to vases being cool bracelet displays!

Favecraft's bracelet vase tutorial is another easy idea. The foundation for the stacked bracelets is a a glass bud vase.

The tutorial calls for stacking and gluing fashion bracelets, leather strips, cuffs and so on. A better idea would be to make elasticated bracelet and perhaps stack them on the foundation vase with cuffs. This way, the project is either a decorative vase or your new bracelet storage and/or display!

Other display ideas :
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