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I  had previously featured jewelry made from trash before but the work of award-winning British eco jewelry artisan, Ann Ellis is awe inspiring!

Her work is truly "original artwear from recycled materials"! She uses a mixture of recycled plastics, textiles, metals and found objects in a most creative and colorful fashion.

She says, "Everything I create is a little bit different, handmade and takes some time to make. I don't mass produce. You get something pretty unique."

Her work is sold in galleries and online through Pure Design or directly through via email (on her website). She is a much sought after artisan so there is a waiting list.

I thought her byline said it all :
"Recycled Originals - Where 'precious' means it doesn't cost the earth."

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  1. Truly unique colorful!


  2. The work of Anne Ellis is nothing short of amazing. Love the colors and her superb sense of design. Truly an artist she's doing her part to help the environment, guess you call that "two birds with one stone". :)

  3. Lovely stuff! Great concept. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It takes a great artist to see potential beauty in something that others would simply pass by as valueless. Anne Ellis is one of those true artists. Gorgeous designs Anne!

  5. How lovely of you all. It was a surprise to see my work here - thank you Pearl and everyone for your valuable feedback.

  6. Being a purse fanatic and jewelery geek, I loved the post on recycled leather purses. Thanks Pearl! Now where did I put that sweet red leather number....????


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