It probably won't surprise any of you but last week's giveaway of one of PJ Tool and Supply's $70 ImpressArt Stamp Set was the most popular ever! No wonder - the sets are all unique and gorgeous.

One commentator, Deborah said, "Just as slightly different size/style/color/texture beads completely change the look of jewelry, so do different fonts - size/style/color/texture apply to them, as well. When you factor in the combinations possible with ALL these choices, design power is limitless!" She should know as she was a typographer for over 25 years!

The giveaway response was incredible - over 270 entries in all! That took me a long time to count so this post is a little later than I had planned.

But alas only one person can win. I consulted which determined the lucky winner to be Julia! Congratulations! I know which set she wants because she said she "Loved the Ballroom Boogie set in particular." I just need to find out whether it is the upper or lower case she fancies.

Didn't win? Take heart, PJ Tool and Supply already told me they hope to do more contests on this blog in the future. So stay tuned!

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