Monday, January 10, 2011

Artbeads Gift Certificate Winner

By on Monday, January 10, 2011 5 Comments

The rallying cry for this blog should be "I need some more beads" as Melody said. This was definitely one of the highest number of entries for a giveaway. Like her, many of you jumped at the chance of winning free beads with last week's ArtBeads $25 Gift Certificate giveaway.

Creativegoddessinrepose is right - "You can never have too many beads".  Nobody wants to recover from the addiction either! Not least, RockCreekCreations who fondles beads daily!

But there can be only one winner whose cravings will be assuaged, at least temporarily.  After consulting the numerical oracle,, the winner is Urbandon.   Don, who is from Australia and whom I featured before wrote he was "a follower without any beads". That will be rectified soon! Congratulations!  I will be emailing you the gift certificate code shortly.

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  1. Congratulations to Urbandon. Now all that Don needs to do is to decide on what to purchase from Artbeads ... boy and is that going to be a hard decision to make as they have a ton of wonderful stuff.

    Not much on the telly tonight so have just been doing some blog reading. Pearl, your site is like the most interesting encyclopedia. You know how you see one thing and go to check it out and then you see something else and you have to hop over and check that out also ? Well that's just like your site, one tantalizing post or article after another.

  2. Yes, AB is always about having to make decisions!

    That's an honor to be compared to an encyclopedia. A Wikipearl? LOL! I'm glad you enjoy the posts as I did writing them.

  3. I won! I won! I'd like to thank the Academy, God....oops, wrong speech. I'd like to thank Pearl for this wonderful giveaway- I'm so happy. I really can't remember the last time I won anything but this year so far has be fantastic! Thanks!

  4. You're too funny, Don! Glad you are pleased and perhaps we shall be seeing beads in your designs soon?

  5. A well deserved winner, onya Don plus thanks for guiding me here ;)