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How to Make Button Bracelets Tutorials

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Got a large button stash? Then it's time to get creative with more button jewelry projects.

free jewelry making tutorial
I actually bought some large confetti buttons using them for a bead on a wire project. However, I like even more the button bracelet project by Blumenthal Lansing Co. Very colorful and fun use of these large buttons to team up with smaller ones from your stash!

This Chunky Bracelet tutorial by Bead Studio features one hole resin beads but you could easily do it with larger 2-hole buttons. Just make sure you can get a thin enough thread,  cord or leather through the holes.

free jewelry making tutorial

Obstinate Pursuit created this lovely shank Button and Bead tutorial. She certainly whittled down her button collection a bit!

free jewelry making tutorial

You can also use buttons as embellishments to decorate wooden bracelets.  This Button and Thread bracelet tutorial is by Maria Nerius of FaveCrafts using Blumenthal Lansing buttons.

free jewelry making tutorial

Don't like wooden bangle bases?  Then try the soft felt button cuff bracelet tutorial on Craftbits. Come to think of it, this design could take a mix of buttons, beads, crystals and so on. So the possibilities are endless!

free jewelry making tutorial

Carole Rodgers designed this easy bead and button bracelet tutorial for Beadalon.

free jewelry making tutorial

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  1. Resources are all around us...buttons sure have changed since I sewed years ago...these are great!


  2. Great blog and great tutorials. Who would have thought that the humble button could be used to make such lovely jewelry!

  3. Truly some great ideas.
    I've used pretty buttons at the back of necklaces or on a bracelet as button and loop clasps but have never created a piece devoted to buttons. I think most of us have viewed the button racks at our local fabric centers and have marveled at their beauty and diversity. Know I've seen many that I thought would make gorgeous earrings.
    Think I'll go check out my large cookie tin filled with old and odd buttons. :)

  4. Thank you, I have a large stash of buttons and appreciate the tutorials.

  5. I love buttons. I have never used them in a jewelry project, most of mine are quite mundane. But oh what fun!

  6. I was plotting on a big bag of assorted buttons while I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday, and talked myself out of getting them. Now I wish I hadn't!! I should pick some up next time I'm there. Have a great day!!

  7. Great round-up! Thanks for including one of FaveCrafts' projects in here :) We have some cool bracelet newsletters coming up in the next few months.

  8. Hi Pearl,
    Clicked over to this page from a link in today's email. The top project, by Blumenthal Lansing, do you have a tutorial for that anywhere? I clicked the link, it took me to their site, & I even found the exact button that I fell in love with(the right one). I went thru all their projects & just the jewelry catagory, but saw nothing even similar to this. Is it done on elastic? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Barbara

  9. Hi Barbara, This is an older post so that particular tutorial has been removed from their site although there are plenty of other great ones. Yes, you can do it with elastic. Makes it easy to wear!

  10. Thanks Pearl. That's a shame, but at least they still have that awesome button!
    thanks again.