Today is my 4th blogging anniversary! I may have written 1687 posts since January 4 of 2007 but it's not worth writing even one if it didn't have any readers. So thank you all for following me and for all your encouraging comments.

Some of you have taken the trouble to tell me the first thing you do in the morning is to grab a cup of coffee and read my daily post.... probably works better in that order, right?

Thanks too for the numerous tips and questions you've sent. They enable me to write interesting posts and share information. I especially thank readers for letting me indulge in the occasional mini-biographical historical posts.  Not everyone liked history in school but really, the stuff they didn't teach us is far more riveting. It's actually harder to write something short than something longer like a book and still capture the essence of the person while making it jewelry related at the same time.

Writing is indeed another of my creative outlets. I admit blogging has even become addictive. As many of you no doubt suspect, I actually spend more time here than on jewelry making! It's wonderful to be a writer, editor and publisher all rolled into one but I am far from perfect. So do forgive the typos and other grammatical transgressions I failed to catch before the posts were published.

I've noticed many of you just visit via my blog URL. If you don't want to miss a post, then subscribe for free via email or feeds! If your email box is starting to get out of hand, try a feed reader like Google Reader or Blogger Follower. A feed reader is how I keep tabs on your blogs. It's very easy to use - just check out my post on How to Subscribe. If you did try to email subscribe and the posts didn't start, please first activate your subscription in the confirmation email. Sometimes the problem it's due to an email address typo so try again. Still struggling? Then contact me somehow.

I am also on Facebook and Twitter. People hang out in different places so if you like those neighborhoods, you can still keep up with my blog. I often post extra things there which I can't or won't fit into my blog.

Comments are always appreciated as these are invaluable feedback and help guide what I choose to write.  Frequent commentators are rewarded with extra links back to their shop or blog URLs - see the widget in action on the right side bar. Hah! "Anonymous" now takes 5th place!

Over the past year I have added a button and widget codes page as requested - past featured designers and tutorial designers may like these for their own sites. Also a FAQ section to deal with some of the questions that keep cropping up like whether or not I accept guest posts, whether I can feature your tutorial or jewelry design and whether you use my blog material. The Disclosure section explains how this blog is supported by ads and affiliate programs so it continues to grow and remain free.

Now for some fun :


Last year I celebrated my third anniversary with a list of the previous year's funny and strange things people search for on Google and other search engines, and landed on my blog. Did you know there is a whole bunch of people who talk to Google?

Here is this past year's crop of search terms I happened to notice in my blog stats. It's so much fun this might well become a blog anniversary tradition for me. For every query you see below, there are actually corresponding blog posts on the subject like vampire or fingernail jewelry. Enjoy and join me for another year of awesome finds!

Wishful thinking
Need some bling - give me a ring
Is true if your necklace clasp turns around to the front someone is thinking about you?
i want to spend a million £ on a dog collar
Dummies guide to cabochon wrapping
why is making your own jewelry romantic?

You've Got to be Kidding
funny paua (is that funny haha or funny peculiar?)
vampire jewelry for mother's day
vampire energy jewelry
earrings that look like a tooth with a smile on them
where can i buy a jewel encrusted beetle
chastity bra

buttock jewels
toenail swarovski
long gold toenails jewellery
gallstone in resin pendant
toe nail sculpture

Good Ideas
angel wing two finger ring
how to make a doughnut gemstone into a button

Odd things people want to know
Joan Rivers travel organizer
cows in Southern Sudan
josephine bonaparte teeth
victoria secret model bead-free
can I swim in my swarovski jewelry

Funny Typos
lost all the spots you can pierce your ear
how to sue a pearl reamer
how to do card exposure earrings
hot to tat a necklace
show stripetsy

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