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How to Make and Wear a Really Long Necklace

One easy way to make and wear multi-layered necklaces is to create a very long one - 36 or even 72 inches. Just double or triple it around your neck. You could also wrap it many times around your wrist for a bracelet.

Trying to make many, many wrapped beads to link is bound to take time. So check out this awesomely simple tip and design tutorial by the Bead Studio.

Even the simplest and plainest of long necklaces will make an outfit look great. The secret is how you wear it. Jean Campbell, one of the editors on Beading Daily has an article showing 11 ways to wear a long necklace. Also check out the multi-knotted ideas with a 65" pearl necklace.

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  1. Perfect timing! Thanks for this post, I've been in to long necklaces lately. I'm planning to make one.

  2. Great post. Congratulations on your anniversary. In 3 years you have gone from obscurity to being a web leader in jewellery design and trends. Peace

  3. I'm not sure about that web leader part but thank you for your kind words!

  4. I adore long opera chains and ropes. I like to wear three or four very thin necklaces all layered together.

    Those "how to wear" articles are great. Now I have a few new ideas, too!

  5. Long necklaces look great...but unfortunately people who buy them dont realise the extra time that goes into making it so very long and hence they become relatively expensive compared to short ones..I hope that changes very soon

  6. Layering is an excellent idea. I agree people don't realize the extra work and cost to a long necklace.

  7. Long, really long necklaces can be worn in so many different ways. I've always liked their versatility but I too have had trouble selling very long necklaces as people can't understand why they would be much more expensive than a standard one strand design.

  8. ps - the internet is being much better behaved today than the last time I went visiting blogs. :)


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