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More Fabulous Fabric Jewelry Tutorials

Some people may be leery of fabric jewelry but really the maintenance is no different from taking care of a delicate garment. Gentle hand wash, pat dry and dry flat. They are also not a concern if the necklace is worn on top of a garment. Given the rising costs of silver, fabric is yet another alternative for affordable jewelry. Time to liberate the stash!

Shown above is a quilted pendant necklace tutorial by Sister-Diane on the CraftyPod blog. Check it out as she has some other awesome examples of what you can do with a bit of fabric and stiff felt. She has an easy solution of how to incorporate a head pin.

Cat Morley's Bunting Necklace tutorial on Cut Out and Keep is really sweet. I like how she used different fabrics. It'll be so easy for quilters to use some of their coordinating materials.

Beverly over at the Flamingo Toes blog has an Anthropologie inspired necklace tutorial which has zip metal components. These sorts of necklaces will suit those who are allergic to metal and high silver prices!

Can't sew, crochet or simply can't be bothered? Then check out PS I Made This' Scrappy Statement Necklace tutorial (with video). Snip, snip and there's another no metal creation!

Happy Together has this easy pinwheel necklace tutorial. Doesn't the necklace look like it's part of the outfit?  I think small pinwheels can also work for a funky pair of matching earrings!

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  1. Great projects - I have a large fabric stash to use up!

  2. Great ideas...I've seen a few fabric ideas around. I'm also a fan of leather pieces...

  3. I think I shied away from using fabrics because I worried that they wouldn't wear well or last long. Even those gorgeous ribbon necklaces made with huge glass pearls and tied, either in back or at the side of the neck, with a pretty ribbon bow worried me. I wondered how long before the ribbon became frayed, or soiled from cosmetics etc. Never thought they could be washed in much the same way as fine lingerie. Of course if an unwitting customer were to toss it into their washing machine and with my luck that would probably happen, there'd be one very ticked off customer.



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