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Inspirational Jewelry by Very Young Designers

I don't know about you, but I simply adore children's art and by extension, the jewelry designs youngsters come up with. They teach adults many things - they are not afraid to try or make mistakes nor do they hesitate. They just do it.

Shown here is the wonderful color graduated necklace by Katherine, age 11. According to her mother, Katherine is artistically inclined. She certainly knew what she wanted to do and accomplished it quickly. Don't you just love the way she used different colors of blues and different shapes of beads?

Here is the final design modeled by Katherine :

Debbie (my friend and co-instructor) suggested a memory wire bracelet would be ideal for Katherine's younger sister, Emma who is 7 years old. Young as she was, Emma knew what she liked - silver foiled beads and hemalyke (reconstituted hematite) focals in the shape of a key and a cross. When asked if the key was the one to her heart, Emma just giggled!

Beader Designs #: 645-646

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  1. Emma and Catherine have natural artist talents...most children do and they should be encourage to explore those talents. Unfortunately meddlesome adults come along and say things like; "oh those colors don't go together" or even worse; "that can't be done".
    The graduating blues necklace is awesome and Emma's bracelet is sweet and playful.

  2. Great jewelry! I always love seeing the stuff kids make. I agree with Almost Precious - adults do tend to quash some of those natural instincts so it's great to see what they do before us boring grownups introduce convention into it.

  3. Both designs are great. The colors remind me of summer. Keep up the beautiful work girls!

  4. The girls had a wonderful time at the workshop - I left them mostly to their own devices (especially Katherine) and they love their creations!

    Nancy - aka the Mom. :)

  5. I love the combination of blue. They are
    lovely Keep it up.


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