Last year, lamp work artisan, Susan Hood, of Glass Harp Jewelry here in Nova Scotia had the incredible experience of presenting her work at the Toronto International Film Festival. All film and TV award ceremonies have gifting lounges - my past post explained what they are and how Susan got involved.

Susan Hood with Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Earlier this week, a very tired Susan managed to email me with the follow-up news and photographs about her Golden Globes gifting lounge experience last weekend. This video (Update : no longer available) shows all the lovely swag inside a Golden Globes gifting lounge. Jennifer Love-Hewitt is right - the more money celebrities make, the more free stuff they get! Celebrities are often photographed so they do influence trends.

Susan didn't get to give her cuff-links to George Clooney as she dreamed about doing but she gave away a number of cuff links. She ran out by the time she got to Michael Weatherly of the TV series, NCSI. So she plans to ship him his.

Sofia Milos
The ladies naturally got her signature lamp work beads. These make bold statement necklaces, just perfect for celebrities. Susan said, "When a star or producer is introduced to you, the attendant says the name and introduction and also has it written on a slip of paper. While I am talking to the " important one", the assistant writes down the name ( correctly spelled, as well as giving their credentials, movies, awards and up and coming releases.  Right after my little talk I present the piece, photos are taken and boom, another star, directors, stylist,or media comes along and it is almost non-stop." Quite the production line (pun intended)!

Susan Hood and friend Claudette with Dennis Quaid and his wife

Bear in mind participating artisans have to pay for all their own expenses and give away free merchandise. They do get something out of it though- publicity. Susan was interviewed by French TV and Telemundo, the US network which broadcasts in Spanish as well as writers for Elle and the publishing group which include Cosmo and Housekeeping. After all that whirlwind activity, Susan says she is now "yesterday's news" and is currently recovering from the experience by spending quality time with her mother.

Anytime there is a red carpet event, many parts of blogosphere go on bling alert. So let's indulge in some sparkly highlights in the Golden Globes web roundup :

JustJared : The most expensive bling was worn by Jennifer Lopez - $5 million dollars worth from the famed jeweler, Harry Winston. $3 million of which was on her ears! (Click on the arrows to see larger images. Email Subscribers - click on the post title to return to the blog to see the images).

NapaValleyRegister :The biggest winner has to be Swarovski as the crystals were found not just on dresses and accessories, but they also adorned the stage - that's 3000 pounds worth which translated to 300,000 crystals!

eNews :Many of the dresses were heavily embellished with Swarovski crystals as you can see from this video log. Some standouts include Megan Fox's asymmetrical Swarovski adorned shoulder strapped dress and Angelina Jolie's sparkly emerald gown.

The outfits worn by Scarlett Johansson and an almost unrecognizable Sandra Bullock were also noteworthy. Perhaps the most notably "miss" was fashion maverick, Helen Bonham Carter, who came in mismatched shoes!

Fabsugar : 2011 Golden Globes : The Accessory Report shows quite a collection of jewelry and blinged out clutches and shoes trotted out. I agree there is distinct absence of statement necklaces but showy aka cocktail rings are indeed back. Many of the clutches were Swarovski embellished. Here are a few of them :

InStyle :The strangest report has to be about Mila Kunis' (The Black Swan movie) $7000 facial . The treatment is called HD Diamond and Ruby Peel.

Real gemstones are used with the claim that "the rubies act as the antioxidant and the diamonds provide a topical sheen."I highly doubt gemstones as antioxidants have ever been investigated in a scientific journal but hey, if you have the money....

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