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Taxidermy has its uses. I remember seeing a stuffed dodo at London's Natural History Museum and thinking that it was as close as I would ever be to a real extinct bird. I was also quite surprised how large it was.

But stuffed birds as jewelry? Chalk that one to yet another use of taxidermy you didn't know about. Art Duo Idiots have combined stuffed birds with embroidery, beads and pearls to make these vivid necklaces.

The Dutch artisans behind Art Duo Idiots are Afke Golstijn and Floris Bakker. How did they come up with their unusual use of animal material in jewelry and all sorts of design projects? It's "a contemporary touch is given to the classical memento mori concept." The Latin words memento mori means "remember your mortality". Now that is a powerful message indeed.

More unusual animal jewelry inspirations:

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  1. beautifull... but i'll never wear it

  2. They are yucky but I love them!!! I love your twisted sense of style, Pearl - you always come up with some weirdities! Thanks for scaring me this morning!

  3. Wow, fascinating and beautiful but they make me shudder at the thought of wearing them.

  4. LOL! "Twisted sense of style"! Well, nobody has ever accused me of being boring!! Pearl

  5. Um .. eewww?
    Don't forget - I'm the one who paid somebody to take a dead animal away that died on my driveway. Not going to wear one!

  6. How senseless: these animals were much more beautiful as the creatures they were born to be than as a sick twist on jewelry.

  7. One assumes they used birds that died naturally. It's an extreme form of recycling for sure. I for one don't like birds and would certainly not wear these jewelry. My Facebook page comments were one of horror too. But these are innovative designs even if they will never be popular.

  8. Nature herself can be very beautiful and birds, as one of nature's creatures, are beautiful. I can appreciate the creative processes that went behind these pieces but it is definitely not something I'd wish to wear. Never saw the sense in those poor little dead foxes that women used to wear wrapped around their shoulders. =O

  9. I was horrified when I saw the little cocktails head and wings that were termed as jewelry. I had a bird with identical coloring. I can only hope this doesn't catch on in the US.


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