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Easy Way to Make Earrings for Bought Necklaces

Beaders sometimes bring bought necklaces to our workshops in order to make matching earrings. We've done well with some pretty close matches simply because Debbie and I have so many beads and findings. But what if you don't have the right beads?

Well, Crafty Moods has an easy solution if you've got a multi-beaded necklaces. Just nick a couple from an inconspicuous spot!  Check out her blog post to see her tips and tricks!

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  1. Many times women feel they need to have matching earrings to "go" with a necklace that they've purchased so this is a most helpful suggestion on where one might be able to acquire the right beads if no other sources are available.

    Personally I'm not a person who wears matchy-matchy suits of jewelry but I've known many ladies who adore having the whole ensemble...necklace, bracelet, earrings, all cut from the same cloth.

  2. I also know many women who want the full meal deal - necklace, earrings and bracelet and if that is what they want, that's fine too.

    However, my feeling is if a necklace is very elaborate then, the bracelet and/or earrings should be simple. If an outfit is "busy" then, perhaps just matching earrings will do.

    The most creative women will know how to put together jewelry that aren't a set and yet make them look like they are part of the whole look.

  3. Hey Pearl! The link to Crafty Moods doesn't work.

  4. Thanks Cate or letting me know! I have fixed the error in the code. I hate it when that happens!

  5. I buy complete or broken necklaces and re-purpose the beads for earring designs. It saves me lots of cash, while enabling me to create saleable pieces that worth ten times or more the materials cost. A necklace can provide for a dozen or more earrings.

    1. What a fantastic idea! I bet you also enjoy the creativity needed to come up with the earring designs!


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