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Gorgeous Beading Wire and Swarovski Crystal Necklace Tutorial

I save up my beading wire scraps and use them in necklace designs by crimping short lengths on a necklace. But I've only used a few lengths per project. Now feast your eyes on this gorgeous Sparkling Crystal Feather Necklace design by the Jewelry and Polymer Clay Tutorial Heaven site. (Update : no longer available). The necklace is truly scrumptious when a great many wire lengths are used.

Does this mean you will be saving your beading wire scraps from now on?

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  1. That is one gorgeous necklace, Pearl, and a very nice tutorial. Unfortunately, my brain said "eek" when it saw "150 crimp covers." If I had to put 150 crimp covers on one item, the air would be blue right across Canada and partway through the U.S. No way...uh uh. I have them, use them, and honestly think they were invented to drive us crazy. But 150 of the little gremlins? I'd rather beat my head against the wall 150 times.

  2. LOL!! That's probably why I use less! But the effect is gorgeous if you have the patience.

  3. Ok...'m still laughing from Susan's post!!!
    That is so really stunning!! It wouldn't be the crimp covers that got me though, I would just get so lost in all those crystals...wanting to hold them and play with them!!! Nice tutorial!! Beautiful for a bride!

  4. 1st...Love, love, love Susan's comment, made me laugh out loud! I spotted her remark a day ago on the recent comments widget and had to read it in full. Would have left a comment myself at the time but as I already had a few comments on the widget, I thought I'd wait awhile. Didn't want to hog the widget. :)

    It is truly a beautiful necklace and one that would turn many heads but I must agree with Susan; attaching 150 crimp covers, what a daunting task!
    I've tired just about everything, from chain nose pliers to my crimping pliers, in order to close a crimp cover. Trying to get them to close up evenly, looking like a small round bead, is challenging (to say the least). Maybe someone will invent a special tool just for this purpose?

    BTW- Thanks Pearl for the information about the tutorial video controls. I never thought to reposition the little slider button, guess it was too obvious for me, like hiding Easter eggs in plain sight. ;)

  5. Anna, try using sterling silver crimp covers - they work really well because the metal is softer. The silver plated covers are a pain to close!

  6. Thanks Pearl, another good suggestion. :)

  7. No wonder I always read the comments - too funny! And gorgeous necklace!

  8. Please enter my name into the giveaway. I would love to win these beautiful gemstones. I am a email subscriber, a follower on facebook and I love your tutorials.

    Our youth group at church will actually be using the Straw Flower tutorial for a Easter Craft project this week!!!

  9. Okay Klista! I will add you to the giveaway which is on another post. Great news about the straw flower project!


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