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Scroll Wire Work Chain Necklace Tutorial

free jewelry making tutorial
Scrolls, Coils and Spirals
Part 1 of 2
Some wire work projects are worth the effort you put into them. One such example is the  wire work necklace tutorial by leopardstripes on Craftster.

This awesome chain necklace featuring an art clay pendant is fashioned from scrolled sections linked together. Some beaded wire work accents are spaced out along the necklace which gives more visual interest plus an opportunity to match the pendant.

What is so useful is the instructor's detailed pictures every step of the way. Also note the double scrolled wire piece which serves not only to link the two halves of the necklace but provides the place to suspend the pendant. Neat!

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  1. Very detailed tutorial, she definitely makes sure everything is explained leaving no doubt about what step to take next.
    Pearl, I did take note of the way she made the double scrolled "heart" for the center section of the chain. That was quite clever and made for a lovely anchoring spot from which to hang that marvelous pendant.

  2. Thanks, you guys! I wasn't sure anybody saw it. You've made my day! :o)


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