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How to Make Bead and Wire Chandelier Earrings Tutorials

Chandeliers for your ears
Part 1 of 2
Chandelier earrings are statement pieces for your ears! Most of us make chandelier earrings by using some sort of finding which allows us to hang several dangles from it. But if you wish to create your own bead and wire chandelier earrings without bought findings, read on!

This beautiful gemstone chandelier earrings tutorial  (no longer available)featuring a focal amazonite is by the Atzori blog.  The tutorial is in Italian. It's relatively easy to figure out how to make it if you look at the pictures with helpful sketches by the designer. Otherwise, try Google Translate!

If you like wire wrapping and wire weaving, then check out the pdf tutorial by Eni Oken, who is a wire whiz. It is a free project from Contemporary Bead and Wire Jewelry (Lark Jewelry Books). The earrings are on the cover!

The classic teardrop chandelier earrings video tutorial by Alyson Jubert and friends shown below demonstrates the use of a  wire jig to form the multiple loop finding. Very elegant and romantic!

Another variation is the Emerald Chandelier earrings tutorial from

Adding chain is another fabulous idea. This chandelier earrings tutorial is from

Tammy Powley over at the's Jewelry making site has a loop flower chandelier earrings tutorial which you can create using either round nose pliers or with a little help from a wire jig.

If you are an intermediate wire worker, you might like to try the Gold Chandelier Earrings tutorial from You have to form the round frame from a suitable cylindrical object.

This lovely wire work chandelier tutorial  is appropriately called Bollywood Dreams. The designer is Eni Oken and it's from the same Lark Crafts Book, Contemporary Bead and Wire Jewelry mentioned above. Via

 Liz Revit's chandelier earrings tutorial looks like a mini-cascading waterfall!

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  1. This is a very timely post. I was looking at findings last night to make this type of earring. I think I will try one of the tutorials instead (I am sure I have all the "ingredients").

  2. Just wanted to let you know how very much I'm enjoying your blogs! It's like getting a fresh bouquet of flowers every day! They're always packed with wonderful hints, links and pictures, and as a beader wanting to expand both my talents and business, this is an invaluable tool. I live in a rural area and beading lessons are almost impossible to find, so am very excited to have discovered your treasure trove.

    Thanks for brightening my email box :) You do a GREAT job!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate it.

    My blog is also my own notes for inspiration. So by sharing them, I hope I inspire others too and entertain them at the same time! Jewelry is a fascinating subject, one with a long history. Thanks for joining me on this journey to discover more about our favorite craft!


  4. I love chandelier earrings even though I can't wear them. At 4' 11" they tend to wear me instead of me wearing them...sort of look like the little girl wearing her mommy's big jewelry.

    After seeing some of the lovely findings (links) made with a jig, I've decided I really should invest in a wire jig...(long sigh)...just one more item to add to my forever growing wish list. :)

  5. I am like the last person. I just love the look of chandelier earrings or actually any long dangling earring. But I have this short neck so they actually look horrid on me. But I am look and dream at least.


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