Usually textured jewelry involves hammering metal pieces. So I was really intrigued with the video tutorial featuring Mark Nelson of Rio Grande making this pair of Fiesta earrings.

He demonstrates how to use jewelry snips to cut out triangular shapes from copper sheets. He then uses a special mill to create a waffle or corrugated effect on the metal. It took me a while to search out what that tool is called - it's a Knew Concept Microfold Brake. This metal work tool is not cheap either - US$295.  But you must agree the result is pleasing.

The video tutorial also shows how he roughens the surface of the metal in order to add waxy color pencil color. So even if you don't have the corrugating tool, you could add color to your work this way.

I've seen paper corrugating tools for scrapbooking fans.  I wonder if it will work on soft metals? 

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