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Far Out Jewelry by Imme van der Haak

The vast majority of jewelry wearers play it safe. Something probably not too bold and something conventional like the usual earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

But just as body piercers seek to adorn in a different way, some designers seek to turn upside down our view of what constitutes "normal" jewelry.

That was certainly achieved in the jewelry graduation project for Dutch artist, Imme van der Haak. All her pieces are unconventional, truly far out jewelry.  What I noticed is none of the jewelry requires piercing!

  "Art flourishes where there is a sense of adventure."
Alfred North Whitehead, British mathematician and philosopher.

More unusual jewelry :

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  1. I guess when you're old enough that it takes most of the day to get the pillow wrinkles off your face and you've just removed the nose pillows of a C-Pap machine, it makes you feel differently about this kind of jewelry. Although the eyebrow clips might iron out a few eye wrinkles...

  2. Maybe I could use those eyebrow thingies to pull my eyes up a bit. Probably less expensive than surgery.
    I totally appreciate the craft involved here though. To each his own.

  3. The top photo showing Imme van der Haak's eyebrow clip? would definitely raise eyebrows, in more ways than one. :D It may have potential as an alternative to a surgical brow lift to remove those puffy saggy bags develop above the eyelids.
    I would also hope that the faux monocle would allow that young man to blink his eye...otherwise the term "dry eye" could take on a whole new meaning for him.


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