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Bejeweled Crowning Glories for Weddings Or Which Tiara will Kate Middleton Wear?

Tiaras are by far the most glorious head pieces for brides. But not all brides are into the princess look. I especially loved British artisan and instructor, Angela Smith's alternative to a tiara - this lovely bead and Swarovski crystal fascinator. It's such a unique design for special occasions.

Tiaras though are definitely for fairy tale princesses. Kate Middleton will emerge from the church on her wedding day transformed from a mere commoner to Princess Catherine. As befits a royal princess, she will  be wearing a tiara. But which tiara? She will have to be given/loaned one as she does not have a family tiara.

Will it be the Spencer tiara since Prince William gave his fiancee his mother's engagement ring? After all, Princess Diana wore the Spencer tiara for her own wedding and for other occasions. Well, the speculation in the British press is it won't be the Spencer tiara because that family heirloom belongs to the Earl of Spencer, Diana's brother who will be marrying his Canadian fiancee - his third marriage -soon.

Diana In Brisbane

Princess Diana with the Spencer tiara

A strong possibility is the Cambridge Lover’s Knot diamond and pearl tiara which is part of the Queen's personal jewelry collection as opposed to state owned jewels. It's thus hers to give if she chooses. It too has the same association as the sapphire and diamond engagement ring. The Queen gave it to Princess Diana as a wedding present but Princess Diana chose the Spencer tiara over this one for her wedding.

Diana In Tiara

Princess Diana wearing the Cambridge Lover’s Knot diamond and pearl tiara

The Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara was originally commissioned by Queen Mary who bequeathed it to her grand-daughter, the  present Queen.  Check out my past post on the history and inspiration behind this Belle Époque design. Queen Mary had the top row of pearls removed and that is how it is today.  Princess Diana apparently found this tiara heavy to wear and gave her headaches. She reserved it for very formal occasions. It was returned to the Queen sometime after either the Princess' divorce or death.

Mary in pearls and gauzel

Another alternative is the George III (or the Russian Fringe) tiara, also part of the Queen's Jewels. It was first worn by Queen Victoria and a number of Queen Consorts after. As Kate Middleton will one day become a Queen Consort, it's a possibility. The present Queen and Princess Anne wore it for their weddings as "something borrowed" from the late Queen Mother. This tiara can be converted to a collar or necklace.

Queen Victoria wearing the Russian Fringe Tiara
Perhaps it will be down to family tradition. If so, the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara might be for Kate as it was a wedding present to the present Queen from the Royal Family's jewelry maven, Queen Mary. This tiara was commissioned as a gift for Queen Mary (below left) in 1893. Queen Elizabeth wears it without the top row of pearls and heavy base (which makes the tiara smaller) as shown by the picture taken at a White House dinner during George Bush's presidency.

So which tiara will Kate be wearing? My vote will be for the Russian Fringe tiara because of its simpler lines which I think will suit the royal bride-to-be. On April 29, all will be revealed.

Which Tiara Will Kate Wear?
Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara
Russian Fringe Tiara
Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara free polls
UPDATE ON APRIL 29, 2011 :  My guesses were all wrong! The new Princess Catherine wore the 1936 Cartier Halo tiara - a smaller tiara which suits her elegant retro style dress.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my fascinator along with such opulence!I really do appreciate it. Angela x

  2. This is a great collection of tiaras to ogle at ;). They really are very lovely.

    BTW, the link to the Bead and Swarovski fascinator doesn't seem to be working. Just to bring to your notice....

    Also, I wanted to extend a very special thanks for the amazing tutorials that u provide. I am totally addicted to your blog and have learnt a lot from these tutorials. THANK YOU!!!

  3. It was a pleasure to feature such a great design, Angela!

    Thanks Jvaala for letting me know. I have corrected the link.

    Addicted to my blog is good! It matches my blogging addiction!

  4. Cool!! Very usual!! Thanks Pearl.

  5. Kate is a beautiful young woman and she would look gorgeous in any of the tiaras at are available to her. I tend to agree that she will choose one that is elegant but simple.
    I'm hoping that her gown will break out of the Royal mold of being super fluffy and frumpy. I can't say as I was crazy about Princess Di's gown, to me it was over the top frumpy and didn't do anything to compliment Di's natural beauty, it seemed as though the dress was wearing the Princess.
    I think Kate would look lovely in a more form fitting gown that isn't decked out in frou frou, glitz and ruffles. I anxiously await to see the dress Kate says "yes" to.

  6. I also agree that she will look fantastic in simpler lines. Again, all we can do is speculate!

  7. I have to admit that I am not a tiara girl. I just don't care for the look and only feel that they are appropriate for a royal weddings. But that's what we are talking about. I almost hope that she has a new one commissioned. Something sleek rather then the old fashioned over fussy ones

  8. Maybe she won't wear a tiara. The press has reported the Royal couple are planning a simpler wedding by their standards.

  9. Pearl, saw the comment on the sidebar and had to check it out, oh curious cat me. :) Poor Queen Elizabeth she's had a lot of turmoil in her Royal family, from her Uncle who abdicated the throne for the love of a twice divorced woman, to marriages that crumbled (Her daughter's, Duchess Fergie, Prince Charles and Princess Di's. Of course there was Di's tragic death, the reality of Charles unfaithfulness to Di and his subsequent marriage to "That Woman"...took the good Queen a while to accept her. Then there was that horrific fire that demolished a wing of the palace. But the Dear Queen always kept her dignity and calm throughout. She needs a lovely Royal wedding to boost her spirits...would it kill Kate to wear a tiara ? :)

  10. LOL! Probably not. But it's going to be interesting how much this young couple will achieve to get the wedding they want.

  11. Ran across this post and thought it would be nice for a re-visit. All I can say is; "Yay ! Kate did wear a tiara". As you mentioned in your "update" it was petite and suited Kate beautifully. I'm sure that Kate's obliging to tradition pleased the Good Queen to no end. :)


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