PS I Made This has a tutorial for this clever necklace made by cutting up Chinese finger traps! She uses glue and twine.

The Chinese Finger Trap is toy or practical joke item going back hundreds of years. It is also known as the Chinese finger puzzle or handcuffs. The tube is a biaxial braid of bamboo - a helically wound affair.

If you insert your forefingers into each end of the finger trap, the fingers will get stuck as you try and pull them out. The trap tightens because of the type of braiding. To get your fingers out, you have to do the opposite - push your fingers together which in turn enlarges the ends so you can slip your fingers out in a twisting motion.

Chinese finger trap (also known as Chinese fin...Chinese Finger Traps via Wikipedia

Any Star Trek :The Next Generation fans out there? Here is a short amusing video segment when the oh so clever Data gets his fingers stuck in a Chinese finger trap!

Amazon sells Chinese Finger Traps for $1.89 a dozen or you could try eBay. Alternatively, you can easily make the Chinese finger traps out of ribbon, fabric or even paper as shown in this tutorial on eHow.

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