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Have You Tried the Byzantine Chain Maille Weave Yet?

Although the Japanese style chain maille weaves are easier to learn, the Byzantine one is also suitable for beginners. Debbie M (not my co-instructor) is an experienced beader who had never done chain maille before.

She was a quick learner and made this bracelet well within the time allotted for a workshop using 18G 5/32" bright aluminum rings.  Debbie was able to work with both tools in her hands AND not put the work down!

The Byzantine was the first weave I learned. I really love the result because it looks intricate to the uninitiated but is far from difficult to do.  I also love the repetitive motion of chain maille because it is soothing to do. It is the same reason why some people like to knit.  I made this colored Byzantine necklace with a focal to match a new green top I got! Right on schedule for St Patrick's Day!

Beader Design #: 647

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  1. It is a pretty chain maille pattern and I especially like your version done with splashes of green in it. Looks divine with the pendant you chose.
    I really should give the Byzantine chain maille a try though I doubt I'll be nearly as coordinated and quick as Debbie. Anymore I have trouble walking and talking at the same time.

  2. A Byzantine bracelet was my first attempt at chain maille, too. I agree that the repetition is soothing, and it does indeed elicit the same response from my brain as knitting does! My eyes are not nearly as young as they used to be, and I was at first concerned I wouldn't be able to place the rings properly and close them neatly enough. But it was easier than I expected it to be, and I hope to do my next project using the colored aluminum rings, as they really add a different look from all silver!

  3. Yes, the Byzantine is not that difficult. If you do start to use anodized aluminum rings, I highly recommend you coat the tips of your tools with Tool Magic.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I did hear that the coating is susceptible to scratching easily. :\

  5. Just finished teaching my chainmaille classes for this year and will post some pics of the show pieces I've done. My students were great! One made a Full Persian bracelet for his sister as a confirmation gift and the others had fun playing around with the endless possibilities of Byzantine.

  6. I shall look forward to seeing your students' pieces! It is fun to play around with the Byzantine as it is a very versatile weave!

  7. I love doing byzantine!! It looks much harder than it is and to me it makes one of the best looking chains.
    Thanks Pearl.

  8. I did try it! And I made one bracelet. Haven't done it again - I may - but I think I just needed to see if I could do it.

  9. I love the look of the chainmail but I haven't tried it yet. Mainly because I have NO dexterity in my left hand. Right now I am trying to teach myself to knit and having issues with trying to hold the needle and the yarn with my left hand if that gives you an idea.


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