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Jewelry Design Tip - Bali Sterling Silver and Crystal Earrings

Remember my arm chair travel post about How Bali Silver Beads are made? Well, I was in for a treat as Auntie's Beads sent me samples from their Bali Beads section. I've only used pewter or zinc spacer beads before so these will really add to the value of the earrings I made. I used the lovely green Chinese crystal rondelles I didn't use from the last shipment and added some Swarovski bicones of my own.

It's hard to believe each and every small spacer was hand made.  There were 3 different designs so I decided to try and come up with a pair of earrings which used all of them.  The Swarovski bicones were added to the top and bottom of the dangle to get the length I needed. This pair of earrings is now part of my Life Collection on Etsy where 100% of net proceeds will go to cancer research.

Most of us probably have large bead stashes and having too many choices can sometimes be counterproductive. Where does one begin? If you find you are stuck trying to come up with designs, try limiting your options as I did.  It is a design tip that is reminiscent of cooking recipes which have only 3 ingredients. Think of it as focusing your creative energy!

If you are in a total design rut, be sure to read my past post on What To Do When You Lose Your Mojo to Create for 16 tips on how to get out of it!

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  1. Don't you just love Bali beads!!!
    Great pair of earrings Pearl...I've recently become a fan of lime least that is the color the crystals appear on my monitor?

    I just checked out your "What to do when you lose your Mojo to create" tips...I'm having a difficult time feeling like making anything right now??? Great tips...I'll see how they work for me.... :0)


  2. Beautiful earrings Pearl. I love the design and those beads are just so neat. It's very hard to believe that they are each made by hand, but I watched your video!!!
    Thanks, Carol

  3. Thanks for the compliments! I've also grown to like lime green. The crystals were a more muter shade and one I really liked.

    As they are hand made, there are subtle differences between each bead.

  4. This idea of limiting one's elements in order to create is brilliant! I'm off to read your article about getting one's creative mojo back... :D

  5. These are extra pretty, I esp. love the little square one dangling up top.

  6. Beautiful Bali beads! It's too bad that sterling has gotten so expensive as I think it has caused a lot of us to seek price point alternatives. But nothing truly compares to the feel and intricate beauty of handcrafted Bali beads.

    I have used chartreuse a lot in my designs, not sure if there is much difference between lime and chartreuse other than I just like the sound of the name...chartreuse. :) One thing I really like about the color is that it does go well with cobalt blue, turquoise and also pinks...especially hot pink.
    Lovely dangle earrings, I'm sure they'll be sold in a flash and for such a wonderful cause too.

  7. Chartreuse! Now there's a word that sounds classy. Much more than plain old lime green. I agree that it's a versatile color. I must try mixing it with others too as you suggest.

    Thanks for the compliments, everyone!


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