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Not too long ago, a reader wrote to ask if I had come across a tutorial for wire wrapping bails.  I didn't but since then, I have come across these relatively easy tutorials for beginners.  If you have a bail forming pliers (see past tutorial post), I highly recommend it for some of these how-tos.

One outstanding free tutorial is the Snap-Set Pendant by Anne Lemons for Art Jewelry Magazine (Update : no longer available).   The ready made snap setting will take appropriately sized faceted gemstones. There is space at the back to thread the wires through to form the bail and decorative wire work.

If you are a beginner wire worker, don't forget the easiest bail is actually a wire wrapped loop. If you are going to slip a chain through the loop, make sure you make it large enough.  Ruby's Beadwork has this tutorial which illustrates how to add swirls and even a bead for a bit of flourish.

Karla of Auntie's Beads has a good basic video tutorial which covers how to make bails for top drilled, side drilled and vertically drilled stones. I recommend nylon jawed pliers to smooth wire.

If you work with the wire doubled over at the top as shown in the tutorial by Scientific Psychic, the two wires can be fanned apart. Long wire tails can be scrolled too for decoration.

Carrying on the coiling effect, Melita Gillet of MG Jewellery has a wonderful coiled wire bail tutorial which looks like a fan.  (Update : picture only, link no longer works)

Karen over at the Karen Makes Stuff blog has a really easy yet pretty bail tutorial which features hammering a twisted wire. She created it so it can be used for gluing to glass pendants but it is also lovely for other types of necklaces.

Jean Campbell, a contributing editor over at Beading Daily created this wire wrapped tutorial for flat hole-less pendants (update : link no longer available) such as cabochons and tiles. The wire wrapped bail is designed as a glue-on type.If you have a holed pendant for hanging, try playing around with some jump rings or extra lengths of wire.

Lindi Schneck's Brandon Park pendant tutorial has lovely swirls to show off a beautiful art bead. The very open wire work tutorial can be adjusted to make a smaller loop.  If your focal is front drilled not side drilled like this dichroic glass pendant, just use a jump ring to hang it.

This wonderful wire nest bail from Art Bead Scene is informal and can be dressed up in different ways. The tutorial shows the finished piece with embellishments added.  What I like about this design is the finer gauge wire used and yet it's strong enough as a bail.

Jo from Daisychain Jewelry has a hammered bail tutorial that really shows off a beautiful lamp work bead.  Care must be taken when hammering the thick wire after the bead is threaded on!

Tammy Honaman from Fire Mountain Gems's video tutorial shows how you can make a really pretty beaded bail with a head pin. The Swarvoski head pins are gorgeous to use.

If you can get hold of patterned wire which is wider than normal wire, then you can make an easy bail as shown in this video tutorial by the instructor from Wire Sculpture.

More wire work tutorials :
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  1. Wow, it looks so gorgeous and a fabulous outstanding work too.Well done.Thanks for sharing it with a tutorial.

  2. Another great set of tutorials :)

  3. So many different ways to make pendant bails ! Who knew? Thank you for all these tutorials. Though I've made a few bails before it is always wonderful to know and learn other methods, plus it's nice to create different looks.

    Speaking of different I normally reach your blog through I came via facebook's Networked Blogs where I became a Networked Blog follower of yours also gave your blog a perfect 5 star rating, it really deserves 10 but 5 is all they had to offer. :)

    postscript...I discovered the joys of Bail Pliers from your blog and purchased one several months ago. Can't believe how I ever managed without it as it is used almost daily ! Just recently ordered a smaller pair to make smaller bails and jumprings...they are totally indispensable now that I've discovered them. Funny how we find something we can't live without once we get one. :D

  4. It's also fun to experiment with wire and come up with your own original bail design.

    Anna- thanks so much for the 5 star rating! I really appreciate that. And yes, I feel the same way about my bail forming pliers - what did I do without them before? Like you I have two sizes.

  5. Great tutorials...I've tried a few of them! Tutorials are great as they often show an easier/faster/neater way of doing something that we've struggled to come up with on our own.


  6. Thanks Pearl, it is great seeing all the different techniques people use. I still seriously need to buy better jewelry tools!


  7. Thanks for including my tutorial!


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