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Straw Flower Bracelet or Necklace Tutorial for Kids

You know when some youngster goes “I’m bored!! “ Well here is an inexpensive tutorial on how to make straw flowers.

All it takes is several of them strung together perhaps on stretch or elastic cord for colorful bracelets and necklaces.

The tutorial is by Maya over at the Little Treasures blog who conceived the idea of straw flower sticks as an Easter decoration. She intends to try this with other materials!

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  1. How bright and colorful!
    These would be a fun project for children and teens to do. Knowing how creative children can be I bet they'd come up with a hundred and one different ways to use these little flowers.

  2. Oh I used to drive my mother crazy with that. Like she should all of a sudden make my life so much more exciting! She needed the internet.


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