Mythical flying beasts. Fantasy gardens. Futuristic designs. That's what the amazing jewelry of ImprobableCog on Etsy conjures up on seeing it.

The Design- Primate (as he calls himself) behind the creations is Noah Beasley who is an industrial designer, artist, maker and tinker.

Shown here are his wing, tendril and robotic inspired designs as earrings, pendant and cufflinks. He also makes the plug earring style and other whimsical designs.

How he went about making the bronze infused stainless steel designs is also intriguing. Noah uses Shapeways, a 3D printing service to produce the designs he comes up with. Shapeways offer a range of material, not just stainless steel.

Designers have to first render a digital model using either the software they provide or use a free one like Blender (see demo below). Once uploaded to Shapeways , it is manufactured or as they say "3D printed". The completed items can be shipped anywhere.

The service is a perfect solution for designers without the manufacturing means. It's similar in concept to the laser cutting service Ponoko I wrote about before.  These are forms of the increasing popular rapid prototyping process where goods are produced on a smaller production runs with no waste and low cost when compared to traditional large scale runs. (Read this post on Nervous System Inspired Jewelry for more info on rapid prototyping.)

Interested in making your own 3D printed jewelry? This video shows how the Blender software is used to model a 3D ring from a printed design.

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