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I'm a huge fan of Japanese beads. I appreciate the precision manufacture but I also like the range they do like cubes and triangular beads.

I now have a new favorite - Miyuki's double holed square tile or TILA beads. This shape is relatively new from the company and a wonderful addition to any bead worker's collection.

Miyuki has a cautionary note on their website which tells users to be a little more gentle with these beads. As they are thin and sharp angled, chipping and cracking can easily occur.

They come in a variety of colors. They are a versatile addition for beading. Using them will also speed things up because of their relative size. Shown above is Jennifer VanBenschoten's Elegant Tila Bead Bracelet . This slanted design not only looks classy but is quicker to complete than if you used much smaller beads.

Another wonderful tutorial by Jennifer is the Fancy Tile Bead Bracelet - the smaller silver lined beads really make this design pop.

The third tutorial in Jennifer's remarkable set is the Golden Waterfall Tila Bead Necklace. The tila bead colors and finishes are wonderful - shown below are the antique gold metallic ones.

Thanks Willi for the tutorial tip!

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  1. Japanese seed beads the tiny jewels of the bead world. Once you discover the beauty of these tiny miracles nothing else compares.
    Jennifer's work is beautiful and very practical too. Sometimes the seed bead artist becomes so involved in creating a "statement" piece they fail to consider how practical or wearable the piece might (or might not) be. It's always a pleasure to see something and think; "Yes, I'd wear that in a heartbeat."

  2. Very nice work. I have much admiration for those who work with those tiny beads.

  3. Beautiful work...I have a great appreciation for those who work with such tiny beads!

  4. عرض لطيفة، شكرا لك .... ^ _ ^ …


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