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How to make an easy extruded Sculpey bracelet tutorial

This project sure looks like a lot of fun to make and wear.  Syndee Holt's extruded bracelet tutorial makes use of Sculpey clay which you hand color. The extruded or rolls of clay are then wrapped around a soda can before drying. The seam is hidden with the wire work.

This is a basic bracelet but all sorts of creative embellishments can be added to make it distinctive. Wire wrapping, adding dangles - the possibilities are endless!

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  1. cute, earthy, urban and with a little ethnic flavor. I tried clay once. I didn't have the patience :)

  2. I like polymer clay. I've used it on several occasions. I don't care for the wirework on the bracelets, and you can hide the seam without using anything other than your fingers to smooth the seam. However, if that didn't work for me I would use some sort of pretty scrap of cloth.

  3. That's a great suggestion, Lacey. Seams are hard to hide when one is a beginner.

  4. I really like the bright colors in Syndee's bangles and I think the wrapped wire gives them a bit of a punch...sort of reminds me of those brightly colored and decorated Indian (like in India) bangles.


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