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How to Make Steampunk Jewelry Tutorials

Steampunk jewelry celebrates the vintage technology look. These pieces remind us of the literary worlds of Jules Verne. The fashion and accessories for this style is continually growing in popularity. So here are more steampunk jewelry tutorials to inspire.

Andrea Morici designed this wonderful Full Steam Ahead necklace tutorial using many gears, clock parts and vintage brass elements for Beadaholique.

Naturally, there is a splendid matching earring tutorial by the same designer.

Gothic Enchantress on Devianart has a tutorial for a steampunk necklace. She covers how a vintage pocket watch is taken apart and the components used to build up the focal for her ribbon and lace choker. You may need to click on the tutorial image to enlarge it.

If you like making resin jewelry, then this easy steampunk inspired tutorial by the Pink Hare is just the ticket for you!

It's not quite the true vintage or patinaed colors expected of steampunk jewelry but Helen Driggs of Jewelry Making Daily's watch face pendant tutorial captures some of the style. It's worth a look to see how she layers or sandwiches different components.

Samantha Star's Chic Floral Steampunk brooch tutorial is a fun project using thin aluminum sheet and that crafting favorite, alcohol inks! There is an accompanying video tutorial.

More Steampunk Jewelry Inspirations and Tutorials
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  1. Interesting tutorials, as always.
    I truly like the last one with the floral brooch the best, maybe that's just because it was a brooch and one doesn't generally see a lot of Steampunk brooches.

    The piece created by Andrea Morici for Beadaholic has a parts list that goes on for about a mile and a half. I've often wondered if bead sites request that their designers use as many parts as they can possibly think of, or fit into their designs...I'm sure it's certainly great for business. LOL
    I was tempted to click on "add all parts" just to see what the total of my shopping cart would be but then decided I really didn't want that cold shock of reality. :)

  2. So inspirational. I was wondering, can you do a post on how to open up watches and get the "guts" out? My grandma gave me 5 old watches to take apart and make steampunk jewelry with, but for the life of me I can't open them. I even managed to break my tiny pliers in the process!

  3. OK, Shaylynn. It's now on my list of things to post!

  4. I'm curious about that subject too. I have a couple of old watches that are past the state of repair and though I been to several sites that give directions on how to open up and take the innards of a watch apart, so far nothing works with my watches.
    One I can't even take the back off of or get it open and I've tried everything except a sledgehammer on it. :(
    The other I was able to open but can not find the mechanism to disengage the watch stem.
    But I have learned that watches do really have "jewels" in them, teeny tiny little rubies. When I asked my hubby why they'd do that he told me they're used because rubies, sapphires and diamonds are very hard, durable and don't wear down thus they don't create friction in the watch movement. So now I know :)

  5. I'm not quite sure if there are any easier ways to opening watch backs without the specialized tools for doing so.

    Your hubby is exactly right - those jewels are all at the top of the Moh's scale for mineral hardness.

    Quartz is another valued mineral used in watches. Its piezoelectric property helps keep accurate time unlike the old wind ups which slow down. Check out this article on how quartz watches work :

  6. I love how people mix steampunk with other styles - it's so original and cool!

  7. These are super fun tutorials. I love old watch parts and am fond of the steampunk style. Thank you for sharing these, Pearl!


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