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Celebrate Spring with Asymmetric Flower Necklace Tutorials

My crocuses are finally out and blooming so spring has truly arrived. Time to celebrate its return with these flower necklace tutorials.

This lovely asymmetrical creation features such light colors - perfect for spring. The tutorial is by Sachiko of Tea Rose Home and was featured in Whatever Dee Dee Wants.

Mandipidy's crochet flower necklaces are so pretty, you'll be tempted to make different colors. I love that asymmetric color element!

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  1. Not sure spring has arrived here. But I have actually getting some supplies together to make some asymmetrical necklaces with flowers involved. Have you been monitoring my shopping trends?

  2. I must admit it's still chilly out but the splash of color from the crocuses sure is hopeful. Yeah, I've been tapping into your brain waves while you sleep! LOL!


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