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Devi Chand comes from India - "the land of colors and festivals". Her love for crafts date back to her childhood. She grew up to make the most awesome paper jewelry in her Etsy store originally called Hippie Kingdom now known as Paper Melon.

Her necklaces are outstanding for their bold structure.  She certainly has a strong sense of color.

But what utterly charmed me were her original and unique paper earrings. Shown below is the confection made from corrugated paper. It does look like tiered cakes! Yummy!

Her dragonfly earrings are rolled paper beads connected with hemp. I also liked her photographic angle.

 These are her adorable little cottage earrings:

This pink and white affair is a recycled paper pair of earrings. The weaving is such clever approach.

These are her recycled rolled newspaper creations. Without a doubt, all these designs showcase the talent of a highly creative individual!

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  1. Great pieces...some people have such an imagination!


  2. I've seen paper beads before, but never anything like these! They're gorgeous!!

  3. Wow...all these years I never knew that Devi did paper jewelry. she is an leather accessory design graduate from NIFT chennai(my immediate junior, we both live in chennai and we also worked in the same company under the same boss and we both quit our jobs to take up jewelry making...okay I quit before she did ;)
    Will convey all your wished to her whenever I meet her next

  4. Beautiful paper beads. Thanks for another interesting article.

  5. Her work is beautiful and unique. Love the necklace.

  6. Really creative artist. Amazing what she can do with paper!

  7. Daily I am feeling less and less creative when I see these kinds of things. I would have just seen paper and newspaper and string. Amazing!

  8. I'm mesmerized by the fan necklace with its lovely colors of pale yellows, blues and greens, almost has a Monet waterlilies quality to it. She is indeed very talented and even shows in her photography.

  9. These are really beautiful! I especially like the first necklace.


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