If there were such a thing as virtual bibs, I would have sent it to everyone as there was an awful lot of drooling going on the past week.  Judging from the record number of entries - over 500 - many of you were indeed tourmaline fans. That's why the price is so high because it's so sought after.

Szarka's amazing $145 tourmaline gemstone giveaway was indeed a tremendous success thanks to her generosity.  A big thank you for all the lovely comments posted about Szarka and me!

Yes, Susan. You are absolutely right when you said, "I'll bet this is one of those instances when you wish you could be in the draw too, Pearl!".  But one incredibly lucky person has won this draw.

After assigning a number to each of the eligible entries, I consulted random.org which randomly generated a number. The winning number belonged to Wanaree Tanner!  Congratulations! 

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