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Interactive and Pictorial Views of the Beading Gem's Journal

Blogging Tips
Part 1 of 2

Do you use Google's Blogger program? If so, did you know they have recently enabled 5 different dynamic ways for readers to view blogs? Not only do they make reading blogs easier but also fun and interactive. Shown below is a screen capture of the flipcard view of The Beading Gem's Journal.

The result is not only a pictorial view of my blog but it is interactive as well - mousing over each picture will give the title and the date. Clicking will open up the post itself. This is a clean post representation suitable for printing (for personal use only please). Readers can also click on the label tab to select the blog categories they are interested in.

Other dynamic views of my blog :

Check out this video to see a quick review of all the dynamic templates.

You can read any Blogger blog by simply adding "view" after the blog URL such as :

Then select the dynamic template you like best.

If you are a Google Blogger user, the feature has already been automatically added to the formatting section of your blog. You could, of course, choose not to enable it. 

Before You Go:
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  1. Hey Pearl...I checked out your pictorial last is great!

    Thanks for passing the information along...

  2. Yes, I know you did, Heather. That's why I thought I should pass the info along to fellow bloggers!

  3. I really like the views, but it is to much trouble to type view every time I want to look at a blog (I've been reading so many!!). I wish they would put a drop down box in the Blogger toolbar where you could easily click and choose a view. Then any blog you opened would be in that view until you changed it. I like it, but not user friendly yet. Just saying...:-)

  4. That's a good point Mandy. Hopefully they will improve on user-friendliness by adding that feature in the future.

  5. Cool! Thanks for this post, Pearl, I had no clue these were available!

  6. The dynamic views work best with image-rich blogs such as yours, Michelle!

  7. Very informative! Awesome stuff, too. Had no idea!

  8. Didn't know about this stuff, really cool!


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