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Use Crimping Pliers to Tuck in Wire Tails!

I just saw this useful tip from one of Beading Daily's blogs. The editor Kristal Wick wrote about 6 Steps to Perfect Wrapped Loops. It's a good review for beginners.

But what caught my eye was the clever tip to use crimping pliers to tuck in the wire tail after you snip off most of the wire!  It's sometimes frustrating to do this job with the needle nose pliers!

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  1. i have been doing this forever, works great! Just watch to it next to crystals or glass seed beads, if you don't have another bead on top 'cuz you can break some. :)i've cracked a

  2. I've cracked a few even with chain nose pliers! The problem is we can't see to do the job properly so I find using a magnifying stand useful.

  3. This is great, using pliers always made the end bit go crooked!

  4. I've not tried this trick. It has always been a bear for me to get that last tiny bit of the wire to sit down flush and even with the coils above it, I just thought this was because the wire had gotten work hardened. I'll give this a try the next time I do a wire wrapped loop.

  5. I have done this - but I must have seen it somewhere because I doubt I figured it out myself. I do everything the hard way until someone tells me different!

  6. I have been doing this for years! I thought I was weird!!! I only use 3 tools, my crimpers,round nose pliers, and wire cutters.
    I am self taught, and I see other tools to use, but have no idea what exactly I'd use them for, since I have only used those 3 tools to do all of my jewelry creating. I want to buy more useful tools, to help make my job as a jewelry designer easier, but I am not sure what to buy...hmmmm sounds like a great idea for my next blog post..

  7. The best way to find out what other uses a tool has is to experiment with it!

    I recommend a chain nose pliers too. Pearl


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