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Quilling is a type of paper filigree which requires cutting paper first into long thin strips before coiling and gluing them altogether.

The art form dates back to the Renaissance when quilling was used to decorate book covers and other religious objects. Nothing was wasted back then. The thin paper strips were often trimmed from the gilded edges of books.

It was a popular past time in past centuries which is enjoying renewed interest today. What's amazing is when artisans create quilled paper jewelry.  One Etsian who does so is mlmxoxo2 who is from Boston. Her satin cord and quilled necklaces are wonderfully colorful!  If you are not up to the precision cutting of paper strips, she also sells kits.

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  1. I love that form of artwork. I wonder if you could use other materials (more sturdy) and get the same effect.

  2. That's a very creative thought - lateral thinking! You'll never know until you experiment!

  3. I can not keep up with all the interesting, useful and mind-expanding posts on your blog!!!! Anyway, the quilled jewelry reminded me about some ideas I had for including paper in jewelry design. All artists ride on the backs of those that have gone before them....thanks!

  4. LOL! Nor is it possible for anyone to even try, Cate! Just make notes of what really inspires you.

  5. How interesting...very cool idea. I saw something like this years ago done with zippers.


  6. It is interesting and looks like a lot of work!!

  7. Pearl - thank you so much for featuring quilling and my shop on your wonderful blog. These necklaces are fun and easy to make; it's a great activity for kids (of all ages). For much more elaborate quilling, check out the work of Yulia Brodskaya - it will blow you away!

    all the best,
    Mary Louise

    P.S. I don't lacquer my necklaces but anyone looking for a more permanent piece could do so.

  8. You're very welcome Mary Louise! And yes, that artist you recommended is awe inspiring! Pearl

  9. Quilling was popular for a time back in the early 70's (I believe...may have been the late 60's). However it wasn't used so creatively, instead it was used to create pictures, art work, some of which were very detailed and elaborately ornate. As for myself, I never did more than admire the works that others did.

    I really love the combination of bold and beautiful colors that mlmxoxo uses. Great eye candy.


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