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Awesome Repurposed Statement Jewelry by BluKat Design

   I first got to know of Heather O'Cain of Seattle when she left a comment and followed me on Twitter. I checked out her Etsy store, BluKatDesign and was totally charmed by her upcycled vintage jewelry. She is also on Facebook.

Although she is a trained professional jewelry designer of high end gold and platinum jewelry, what she repurposes for her Etsy store is pure fun for her.

Jewelry makeovers are a test of an artisan's creativity and Heather has oodles. She has a keen eye for form and color. She also takes her inspiration from one of my favorite avant garde designers, Tom Binns, who is well known for his 80's punk era safety pin pieces.

Heather's collection of wonderful vintage pieces is amazing.  One outstanding and delightful design has a butterfly, flower and frog shown below.

Doesn't this inspire you to raid your mother's, grandma's jewelry box or plan to attend garage and estate sales?

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  1. Beautiful pieces - btw here is an award that I want to share with you...pick it up you would like to...thanks

  2. Love all of her pieces. I especially like the button necklace. Very unique and what a great way to keep these lovely bits and pieces alive!!
    Thanks Pearl.

  3. Thank-you for the wonderful, well done article; what a nice surprise!

  4. Awesome work and great ideas. I really like the chain necklace.

  5. Such a wonderful designer - love that you have recognized her beautiful work. Thank you.

  6. These are amazing ! Glad you discovered such a talented artist and shared this gift with the rest of us. :)

    I adore the perky yellow, enameled flowers in the frog and butterfly piece, reminds me of a pair of earrings that mother once had.

  7. I really need to start hitting estate sales. My local thrift stores are all picked over.. And now I know why as Heather is rather local to me.

  8. Estate sales are a good idea. Jewelry makeover projects are a big trend right now so many sources are picked over no matter where you are!


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