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How to Make Woven Chain Jewelry

Weaving cord with chain is a wonderful way to come up with a different look to jewelry design.  Some of my favorite DIY designers are Erica Coffman and Lauren Kolody of Honestly....WTF who have done just that. Shown here is their Woven Chain Bracelet. I must agree it's an awesome "grown-up" friendship bracelet! 

Carly who writes the Chic Steals blog is another favorite. This wonderfully talented fashionista loves to make her own jewelry and clothing. Her tutorial for Woven Black Ribbon Chain Earrings has been posted on Cut Out and Keep.

Another creative blogger I've come across is Nina over at the MommaGoRound blog.  Her Celtic Knot Necklace is truly inspired as she adds a knotted focal and weaves the rest of the cord through chain. Now that is a clever idea!

The folks over at Dismount Creative have a super easy woven cord and chain bracelet. It's a tie style bracelet but as one commentator said, it's easy enough to add eye pins and a clasp if glue on end caps are used.


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  1. I love these designs. I am starting to get more interested in mixed media designs. As I learn more techniques, I want to be able to mix them effectively.

  2. the link for the woven chain bracelet is not working...plz check

  3. Thanks Divya for letting me know. Have corrected it.

  4. Very cool...I particularly like the Celtic knot necklace that is gorgeous!

  5. I love the combination of the two textures together. You sure could spark up an old chain that way.
    Thanks again Pearl for the great ideas.

  6. I really like the first bracelet and the earrings, very cool

  7. Thank you so much for highlighting me! Totally made my day :)

  8. The combination of soft materials and hard metal is a great marriage of opposites that truly do compliment each other.


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