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Trust me. Wire crochet jewelry is actually easier than the yarn variety. The reason is the technique is very forgiving as you don't have to make perfect wire loops.

This Bead Club video tutorial (link no longer available) for a crochet wire filigree ring is just the ticket for a small project.The instructor shows how to easily correct slight flaws.As this is a plain band, knitting with small needles will also work.

Abigail's Crafts Howto Blog has a another tutorial for an informal wire crochet ring (link no longer available). She recommends metal crochet hooks. She uses 3 mm. I suggest trying other sizes to get the look you want. Small beads may also be added.

If you have more experience, then check out Kate Pullen's tutorial for a crochet ring with a cabochon setting (link no longer available). Make it bigger and add a clasp and you've got a bracelet!

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  1. I love wire crochet. I have made bracelets and necklaces but never a ring. I love the one with the cabochon. I bought a lot of small cabs on an online auction site and was wondering what to do with them. Guess I see a ring in my future.

    Just wondering if any of your readers remember a gemstone company called "Greiger"? I think they were based in California. They originally sold the cabs I bought.

  2. Hi, Pearl!

    Thank you for more great tuts! Just what I needed since I'm considering trying wire crochet!
    YOU are awesome!

    Cris, from DeCris Creations - Blog
    DeCris Creations on Artfire

  3. Another nice ones. Thanks Pearl.
    Willi: I remember Greiger (Think that's the spelling). I used to buy from them many years ago.

  4. Thanks Pearl, another nice one!! Very informative.
    Willi: I remember Greiger. (I think that is how is was spelled). I used to buy from them many years ago.

  5. Be sure to check out the tutorial link at the end of the post. I am planning another collection of wire crochet tutorials to feature in the near future so stay tuned.

    Greiger? Alas, no I haven't come across them before.

  6. Neat! I have been thinking about trying some wire crochet to make necklaces and bracelets, but hadn't thought about using it to make rings. The nice thing about a ring is it is nice and small. Not too much of a project to take on for the first time. Thanks for the links Pearl!

  7. wow, the filigree work is just absolutely gorgeous, i have not tried that before, but you make it look easy!

  8. This is a bit different. I've seen lots of instructions about making wire crochet necklaces but this is the first I've seen on rings. For a beginner it's nice to tackle something small and that can be completed quickly.

  9. I quite agree about the speed! There is nothing more discouraging to a beginner than a long project! We all need some near instant gratification sometimes!


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