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How to Make Dragonflies for Jewelry Tutorials

Signs of Summer to Come
Part 1 of 2

Dragonflies are my next favorite insect after butterflies. Some are of the most gorgeous iridescent hues, all are superb fliers AND they eat mosquitoes as well! What's not to like?

Margot Potter's wire work Dragonfly Garden Necklace for Beadalon is just divine! If you love wire wrapping and want to add coiling and clasp making to your repertoire, then this one is for you! 

BeadJewelryMaking has a lovely beaded dragonfly brooch tutorial - a daintier version than the larger beaded animal projects. It's a versatile design as other colors can be used and the brooch could also adorn bags.

This sweet macrame dragonfly tutorial by The Craftiblog has great potential! Imagine colorful threads, cords and yarns in the project. With the right materials, it could be a focal in a necklace

Or you could use bought wings and this tutorial by Jewelryjam.

Gloria on Cut Out and Keep has this easy wire and bead dragonfly. She made it into a brooch. Using bicones instead of round beads would be another design option.

Kay Shaltha has a different kind of wire work dragonfly as you can see by her video tutorial. Her design includes legs and has a slimmer body much like the real insect.

Pat Winter Gatherings has a faux stumpwork (type of embroidery) dragonfly tutorial using a material I have not come across before. She formed the wings with Kreinik hot wire thread and then embellished them. As you can see the resulting insect could be used for a variety of applications. I'm thinking brooch, don't you? Via

If you can tat, then check out Jane Borall's lovely dragonfly tutorial!  You have to click through to get to her pdf.

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  1. Dragonflies do seem to be used a lot in jewelry designs and have been for ages, guess they are a favorite with a lot of people.

    Pearl, it always amazes me how you can find so many unique variations of one theme ! Each of the dragonflies in this post are so different, very unique and each has their own "personality". I absolutely adore the whimsical look of Gloria's dragonfly (from Cut Out and Keep) but truthfully they are ALL wonderful.

    Here's wishing you a most happy and memorable Mother's Day and may it be one filled with love.

  2. OMG, great post! Looks like a collection of the dragonflies around my parents' pond. I especially like the huge blue and green ones there. Like flying gemstones!

    Happy Mother's Day everyone!

  3. Happy Mother's Day to all of you too!

  4. Ah....those great little dragonflies!! We have a Koi pond and each summer these brilliant blue ones will swoope down and lay their eggs on the top of the water. The Koi love this!! Just little appetizers!
    So I too love dragonflies in jewelry and you have come up with a great collection.

  5. Wow those are amazing! Thanks for doing all the research for me! LOL.

  6. Beautiful designs - thanks for sharing. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

  7. Never knew dragon flies were so popular, and I certainly never would have thought of the different ways of making them!

  8. They are indeed. One shop owner I consign with tells me anything dragonfly sells quickly.

  9. Hi everyone. I love dragonflies too. I make them with fabric. I invite you to visit them and know your opinion.


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