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It hasn't happened yet, but when the weather starts to warm up, socks and shoes disappear! Nowhere does this happen as quickly as in Canada!  That's when we might get to see some pretty jewelry on feet.

Basic anklets are really just larger bracelets. But add a simple toe ring and beaded extensions to join it to the anklet, you get Indian-style foot jewelry! Perfect for pretty bare feet or even at beach weddings. That's why these are also called barefoot or beach sandals.  Other names include toe or foot thongs.

The Beading Emporium has a wonderful wire and bead Summer Fun Summer Sandals design by Judy Markwell. This project requires some wire work experience.

If you're not keen on so much wire work or prefer simpler styles, then try missnye's How to Make Beaded Foot Jewelry for The Beach design tutorial. The beading elastic used makes it easy for the wearer. The elastic also has enough give so measuring the foot accurately is less critical.

Another variation is the Caribbean Foot Jewelry by

Veryirie's How to Make Toe Thongs tutorial is different in that single chain crochet is applied to the colored elastic cording. The beaded accent hides the knot which separates the toe loop from the ankle one.

Bead work enthusiasts should head over to's Beautiful Beaded Barefoot Sandals tutorial by Emily Hackbarth.

Some people prefer chain for foot jewelry.  Check out's Tammy Powley's Bare Foot Sandals tutorial has the instructions to make this Bare Foot Sandals design :

More Inspirational Designs

Fancy FeetImage by Brave Heart via Flickr

alligators: hand, foot, wrist jewelryImage by catchesthelight via Flickr

Besides the beach, some dancers also like their toe thongs. Capezio FootUndeez was conceived as foot lingerie! They do have a practical purpose - the cushioned undersides protect the balls of the feet while dancing barefoot. They come in all kinds of colors. Shown here is the Rhinestone version!

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