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Reader Question - How to Make a Twisted Multi-Strand Necklace

The Reader Question thread is where I pick a comment or emailed question to answer. I don't claim to know all the answers but I do my best to help.

Roxann from Beadaddict sent me this email : "I was wondering if you had any success in creating a 3 strand pearl necklace (or bracelet) that keeps a very dense twist. 

I have seen the kind that include the loop clasp that you manually add after twisting as well as the kind where you have a multiple strand clasp that allows you to place one end between 2 strands of the other (repeating over and over to get a tighter twist). Any suggestions would be appreciated!"

You can create a simple torsade by twisting a 2-3 strand necklace and then securing the clasp as you put it on. It's not a permanent solution as it will untwist when removed. But it does shorten the necklace if that is what you want to do.

Using  2-3 loop multi-strand clasps does not make sense as these clasps are designed to keep the strands separate. Some people do make it work for them but I prefer the alternative approaches of the following tutorials. The twisting is done in stages and the result stays tightly twisted. No multi-strand clasps are used.

1.Dana Lorenz's tutorial (shown above) which I reviewed before is my favorite. It's a simple and effective way to get the really dense look with several strands.  You control how much it twists just by wrapping the strands in stages.   It's also easier to design using a mannequin or dressmaking form.
2.A totally different and clever way is Ethan Schwartz's tutorial on eHow. There are no pictures but the instructions are easy enough to follow. A jump ring is used to gather all the prepared strands at each end of the necklace as well as fix on the clasp. You then weave one end completely through and  between the strands repeatedly. Unlike Dana's tutorial, you work with the necklace laid out flat.

3. The Bead Studio's multi-strand necklace with a twist tutorial uses a single focal strand to keep the other strands tightly together. A functional yet attractive method.  (Update : picture only; link no longer available)

More on Multi-Strand Necklace Tutorials:
For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips
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  1. The Dana Lorenza tutorial is interesting...might be fun to try!

    FYI...the Ethan Schwartz link isn't working.

  2. You are so cool to pull these together, Pearl! I have always wanted to make a twisted necklace but could never figure out how. Thanks again, Ms. Answer Girl!

  3. Thanks for the nudge on the link! I have fixed it.

    Ms Answer Girl - I like that!! Although I really don't know many answers!

  4. Thank you for helping me solve this problem and for Dana's link! When I viewed it, I realized that I had done something very similar on my own neck with 3 separate amber necklaces. It certainly does help working on a form rather than on the table or your lap. I was so pleased with the results for the necklace that I made a bracelet to match!

  5. Glad I helped! A twisted bracelet - now there's a thought!


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