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I am honored to have UK based Kerrie Slade in my Facebook community. She is not only an amazing bead work artisan but her work has been extensively published in magazines and books.

She is largely self taught and the fascination with bead work began when she started to add beads to cross stitching.

Bead work by nature of its many tiny seed bead components can become quite elaborate when completed. However Kerrie's work somehow manages to evoke a refreshing contemporary style which I admire.

This is one of my favorites as Kerrie made all seed bead equivalents of Pandora style beads - right down to the "silver" cores!

This lovely pin is entitled Maid Marian's Quiver since it is delightfully filled with flowers! A truly inspirational designer!

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  1. Wow - her work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Along with her fabulous creativity, Kerrie must have great eyesight to work with such delicate designs and small beads. I love the blue one - I think it is a bracelet (or a ring, can't tell how big is it from the picture). Her designs are very fluid.

  2. Yes I love her things also especially in Bead magazine! Those pandora style beads are amazing!

  3. truly amazing...all I can say is WOW

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful feature and your very kind words Pearl!

    Kerrie x

  5. Each one is truly impressive but the beaded Pandora beads are phenomenal ! Kerrie is certainly very talented and highly imaginative.


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