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Recycled Bra Underwire Crochet Necklace Tutorial

Recycling unwanted materials and making jewelry out of them is a big trend right now. The ingenuity and creativity of some designers is quite astonishing.

One example is Maya from the Little Treasures blog. She not only removes the uncomfortable under wires from bras but she saves them too.  As you can see from her inspiring tutorial necklace design tutorial, the wire comes in useful as a support for her crochet and ruffled pieces.

A blog reader, Donna of Sew and So Creations, just sent me a picture of what she did with bra strap buckles!  She did have to cut the rectangular types and in doing so, made it impossible for me to guess what she used!

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  1. Dear Pearl,
    I am so excited to be featured here again! Thank you for the opportunity and the time!

  2. Those are great!!

  3. Maya - designers like you are truly inspirational! Thanks for sharing. Some of us might be saving up old bra parts from now on!

  4. Very different and so clever. Matter of fact I do have a jar full of elements that I've saved from old bras and other items of clothing ... maybe that's the old Girl Scout in me. Not sure that I could make anything quite as ingenious as these two talented ladies did but they've certainly given me lots of inspiration. Thanks Pearl. :)

  5. These are my kind of jewels!!!! So pretty and feminine - beautiful and fun!

  6. Loving this stuff you send! Thanks. I tried to go to the Sew & so link and got an error message. I googled and couldn't find them there either. Any ideas?

  7. Thanks for letting me know about the link, Sally! I have corrected it.

  8. Some people have such a creative mind...great work!

  9. This is so cool...I'm definitely looking into making one of the underwire necklaces. Thanks for the link! :)

  10. So many of you think it's the best thing to do with underwires! After all they tend to poke through. One commentator on my Facebook page says one underwire got eaten up by her washing machine! LOL!

  11. Haha this is such an awesome idea!

  12. I never knew I was throwing out perfectly good jewelry making supplies!


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