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Men's Shadow Box Style Gold Ring by Doug Peterson on Etsy
This guest post is by Jessica Carter, who writes for Zoara, an online jewelry site. Her expertise is in diamonds and wedding rings.

·         Men’s Engagement Rings
Historically speaking, engagement rings were made exclusively for women. However, these days, it has become very trendy for men to sport engagement rings designed specifically for them, resulting in a definite increase in men’s engagement ring production and sales.

With such a growing demand for men’s engagement rings, these stunning jewelry pieces are now available in an incredible array of designs and styles, from the more classic solitaire diamond engagement ring to the modern, contemporary prong set engagement ring design.

The traditional prong set solitaire engagement rings is arguably the most popular when it comes to men’s engagement rings. Featuring a single diamond center stone, commonly a round brilliant cut diamond, the solitaire diamond engagement ring style is valued for its timeless chic and its tasteful appearance.

Men's Silver Ring with Brilliant Cut Diamond and Lapis Lazuli Inlay
 by Doug Peterson on Etsy

The cocktail engagement ring is similar to the cluster design in that it incorporates a multitude of diamonds and/or other precious gemstones into a single, cohesive ring design. The cocktail engagement ring is favored by those customers who are looking for a flashier, eye-catching engagement ring that is sure to astound.

Men's Gold Ring with Natural "Placer" Gold Nuggets
 by Doug Peterson on Etsy

·         Men’s Wedding Bands
Traditionally, men’s wedding bands were left relatively plain and unadorned. In the past couple of years, jewelry designers and retailers have reported an increase in customers interested in more ornate, embellished wedding bands featuring complex designs, diamonds and other precious gemstone embellishments.

The most popular type of men’s wedding bands for this season is the eternity wedding band. Similar to eternity women’s wedding bands, men’s eternity rings feature pave set diamonds, fitted all around the band. The resulting effect is one of glamour and chic making this wedding band style perfect for those customers who are interested in a trendy, sensational wedding band. 

Men's Ring with Sapphires and Cubic Zirconia by Doug Peterson on Etsy

The carved wedding band is another crowd favorite. Carved wedding bands feature intricate, tantalizingly formed etched patterns designed to capture the eye of the beholder. Carved wedding bands often incorporate vibrant gemstones in a way which is meant to enhance the design’s appearance and allure.

OOAK Men's Silver Band Ring by Swank Metalsmithing on Etsy

(carved in wax and lost wax cast)

·         Men’s Stud Earrings
This year, men’s stud earrings are at the height of their popularity. Stud earrings are valued for their versatility and their understated chic and are favored by men who want to add a little sparkle and glamor to their overall look. 

Unisex Argentium Silver Studs by Silvermason on Etsy
 using unique steel hand stamps

Stud earrings come in a variety of styles, the most popular being the solitaire, prong set diamond stud. While the most common diamond shape used in diamond studs is the round brilliant diamond cut, fancy diamond cuts such as the emerald cut and the princess cut are growing in popularity with customers who want less conventional, unique stud earring designs. In terms of stud earring settings, the top choices among men are the Martini style studs, and the classic 4 prong basket. 

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  1. Nice post..esp now when men are again taking to jewelry in a big way

  2. Yeah. It has been a 200 year drought for jewelry artisans and it's all the fault of this man -

  3. Saw your comment on the sidebar and had to check out what you were talking about ... then had to check our your post on Beau. Fate can be fickle indeed, Beau elevated himself from middle class to the upper echelons only to plummet to the bottom of the pits. Pity !

    Men have always seemed to fancy rings, so at least that part of men's jewelry history has never changed. The younger generations of men today are more inclined to wear stud earrings, chains and bracelets than their fathers or grandfathers did ... of course their grandfathers were more inclined to wear hats and I'm not talking about the casual baseball cap. Ah a well dressed man sporting a tailored suite and a snappy fedora ... don't see that much anymore.
    Gosh the ring with the gold nugget is gorgeous ! If I had the funds I would gift my hubby with something like that for Father's Day. :)

  4. Yes, I agree the casual look is rather too common these days.

    Do check out the links at the end if you need ideas for Father's Day.


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