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Upcycled Zipper Jewelry Inspiration and Tutorials

Zipper jewelry has been really popular in the last few years. If you think you've seen just about all the permutations a zipper can be made into jewelry, then here is another wonderful designer to change your mind.

New York based eco fashion designer, Tara St. James upcycles old zippers so they don't end up in the landfill. Her rolled zipper beads remind me of the paper versions.

Her zipper accessories can seen on Not Just A Label/Study_NY and her Etsy store, DailyJumpsuit.

Tara has generously shared the tutorial on how to make this zipper cuff  over at Ecouterre.

Beverlyfabrics has this video tutorial showing how to make this pair of colorful zipper loop earrings.

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  1. It's amazing how people can come up with so many different ways to use an item. The zipper beads are very clever and I really love the zipper pull-tab necklace, it's so cool.

    I tried to leave this comment awhile ago but it was close to dinner time and the oven timer was just about to go off, so my mind wasn't really on what I was doing. When I read over what I thought I had typed I realized I had my fingers on the wrong set of keys but then the oven timer buzzed so I just had to stop and leave it for when I could give your blog my undivided attention. I'm just glad I stopped the 1st time to proof read or you would have had something like this in your comments: "Ut;s anazubg giw oeioke cab cine yo wutg si nabt dufferebt wats ti yse a zuooer" ...
    No, not very pretty and surly not very readable either. :)

  2. LOL! I am just so grateful when you give my blog your undivided attention and leave such delightful comments! I wish I could be half as funny as you!


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