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I must thank reader Waldemar who commented on one of my past posts on recycled paper jewelry and introduced me to an amazing Italian designer, Gian Luca Bartellone. He creates outstanding one of a kind jewelry pieces from paper.

He calls his collection Body Furnitures. It's a rather clever moniker. Furniture after all is furnishings for a room. So why not bejeweled "furnishings" for our bodies?

His love for this medium began in his childhood while playing with cardboard, paper and papier-mâché. He said, "As an adult, I started combining these raw materials with precious gems, hard stone and gold foil, and the idea of light, preciously crafted jewelry made truly unique by a choice of materials and colors was born."

He worked for the Italian jewelry company, Giollaro, for a number of years before coming up with his award winning designs. He sometimes gilds the papier-mâché. He uses with 22K gold leaf combined with other materials. The result is outstanding and truly inspirational.  Shown here are some of my favorites.

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