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Gorgeous Polymer Clay Pendant Tutorials

Image by Martha
Sigh. Some day I will have more time and then I would love to branch off into polymer clay work. It's not just fun to do but the results can be colorful and gorgeous to behold.

This medium is also highly adaptable - you can make polymer clay look like other materials such as metal or even enamel. The sky's the limit for truly creative souls.

The above contemporary style polymer clay necklace tutorial from Martha Stewart is really easy and will suit beginners. There is a video on the site. 

Judy Haupin's reversible New Leaf Beads necklace tutorial for Beading Daily uses a gold leaf pen treatment to add a touch of luxury to this awesome design.  (tutorial no longer available).

Image by Beading Daily

Linda Peterson's Pewter Tulips pendant necklace tutorial may look contemporary but really any image can be used. She uses HP t-shirt transfer to move the image from computer to the polymer clay piece.Via

Image by Linda Peterson
Patricia Kimle's Faux Enamel pendant is simply gorgeous! Using polymer clay is a lot easier than trying to enamel! Via

Image by Patricia Kimle
So is the Glitter Flowers Pendant tutorial by Marie Segal. This how-to is thorough, with many pictures to help the beginner. The flower shapes are built up from smaller pieces created with stamps.

Image by Marie Segal
This wonderful Celtic Look polymer clay swirl necklace by Syndee Holt for Sculpey can be adapted to be a pendant focal. 

Image by Syndee Holt

 Other Clay Tutorials
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  1. Wow...these are gorgeous pieces Pearl, I'll have to click around the tutorials...I love polymer clay work. I tried working with polymer clay a bit but didn't have great luck...would like to try again.

    Enjoy the day...

  2. Beautiful pieces. I was especially taken with the flowers. It looks harder then making them with beads!!!
    Thanks, Carol

  3. They are good indeed. I am wondering if I, a pottery clay class dropout should even consider trying!

  4. Thanks for the link Pearl.
    Blessings all over you!

  5. It was a pleasure to feature your absolutely stunning tutorial!

  6. Pearl, being a pottery class drop out has nothing to do with your ability to do well with polymer clay. It is actually a very easy medium to work with if you know the right tricks. I am here to help should you decide to jump in and give it a try. Don't forget my blog has hundreds of articles on making polymer clay beads and the friendly members are always there to help with any questions you may have. You're right about it's amazing versatility. I think you will love it!

  7. Actually I wasn't that keen on plasticine either as a child unlike drawing and painting. I do know where to hang out more should I venture into polymer clay work!

  8. I am new to this and am a bit afraid - have all the materials stashed and am about to start with polymer clay - my comfort zone is wire and I have taken classes using PMC, but want to make mixed media stuff and the colours in polymer clay attract me - am going to have a go this weekend - any tips from anyone for a beginner are welcome

  9. Neena - the best advice I can give for any technique is TRY. You will get better with practice.

  10. Most of the links no longer work.

    1. I found and updated most of the links except for one. So do check them out. Thanks for letting me know!


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