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Beaded Wrist Wallet Jewelry by Wallets2Wear

Not having to lug around a handbag is bliss when you can wear your essentials on your wrist.

Wallets2Wear has beaded wrist wallet jewelry that is a combination of a purse and a bracelet in one! The pouch underneath the beads has space for cash, credit cards and perhaps a key or two.

The mesh pouch is stretchable and has a velro flap. It is also worn on the underside of the wrist so the beads look like a multi-stranded bracelet on the top. There are a number of different colors available to coordinate with whatever outfit you might have.  Going out to the gym, a party, dance or dinner is so much easier with these wearable pockets!

Top view

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  1. Ingenious! I need one of those!

  2. Very nice, I need one too, so I will try to make it!!

  3. When there is a need - someone other than me always comes up with an idea to fill it. Sigh-h-h.

  4. Clever and so much more attractive than those old fanny packs. Of course my old fanny isn't very attractive either so guess I shouldn't talk. :D

  5. Never mind old fannies! They are neat but I am devastated I can't use them. It's because my reading glasses for my old eyes don't fit into these wallets!

  6. Do you have an on-line tutorial on how to make the beaded bracelet wallet?

    1. I'm afraid not. There are some fabric versions on Youtube. Perhaps you can adapt a beaded version to those?


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